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atw logoAlexander, Tisdale & Wright, LLC (ATW) is a Knoxville-based financial planning firm that serves a select group of clients who demand high-end financial planning services delivered with integrity, precision and creativity. They take the time to get to know clients individually because they’re more than pluses or minuses on an income statement. Their clients are families and individuals, business owners, newlyweds, empty-nesters and retirees - all with different fears, dreams and distinct needs.

In its first quarter-century, ATW has established a culture of building value for its clients. Not by churning through a large percentage of new customers each year, but through building long-term relationships based on trust and fanatic service. Their very first client from 1983 is still with them, and ATW’s retention rate has remained over 90% annually.


legacy logo v rgbThe Legacy Centre for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (TLC) is a community of business owners working together to connect generations, grow businesses, and serve families. Locally, family businesses have been a fundamental part of the progress and growth of East Tennessee for many generations. Research shows that 80 percent of the world’s business is family-owned, but around 30 percent makes it to the second generation and a much lower percentage after that (Cox Family Enterprise Center).

Helping family businesses grow and prosper, eventually make a smooth transition for future generations in the business is The Legacy Centre’s passion. The Legacy Centre provides a safe harbor for family business owners and entrepreneurs to learn and to grow their companies through educational programs, peer advisory groups, and professional resources.