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Firm Background

MEM 8641croppedIn 1979 at the age of 26, when Jeff Lawhorn, CPA founded his firm located on Sutherland Avenue in an old house that has since been torn down, he couldn’t have known where his career would take him or the impact he would have on leveling the playing field between big and small business. Purchasing one of the first computers in Knoxville, his grand scheme was to automate everyday accounting while expanding higher-level financial analysis for small businesses.  Now 33 years later, Jeff is still pushing forward with his vision along with a team of 19 professionals in a technology-rich building set to continue to build upon his foundation.

In 1992, Jason Lawhorn approached his father, Jeff, with the idea that he too would like to join the ranks of a CPA.  Being unsure of whether Jason was serious, Jeff agreed to hire Jason on for $2.00 per hour.  Well, he is still here and is doing very well, now making close to $8.50 per hour, with benefits of course.  Like Jeff, Jason Lawhorn strives to further the technological capabilities of the firm. Because the purpose of technology in the workplace is to streamline processes, and since many accounting processes lack efficiency, Jason built upon the original vision with Jeff’s support and moved to integrate the firm's technology and update the processes behind the technology.

In 2002, on the heels of a very informative seminar by Ron Baker on value billing practices and the efficiencies that were starting to be realized by technology integration, Jeff and Jason decided to take on the billable hour.  And so, in 2003, the first “fixed price agreement” was rolled out to the firm’s client base with great success, but also with a tremendous amount of learning curve involved.  That learning curve evolved into what is now The Client Service Guide & Engagement Agreement™ and, with nearly 10 years of value pricing and value packaging under the belt, Lawhorn CPA Group is known as an industry leader and expert in this arena.

In 2009, while at the AICPA Tech+ Conference, Jason made the acquaintance of a CPA named Jim Green who had a firm in Jackson, Wyoming.  A work sharing arrangement though a mutual virtual office led to the merging of Lawhorn and Green under the Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc. brand, thus enhancing the original vision and charting a destination towards a more ideal horizon.  A national firm for small business, with each modeled under the original vision of automation, strategy, and education.

Then came 2011...a year of big changes.  Ready to move forward with the national firm vision yet ready to step out of the day-to-day operations and deadlines of the firm, Jeff turned over the role of President and CEO to Jason Lawhorn so he could continue to build on the vision that Jeff started in 1979.

Make no mistake about it.  There is a lot here about Jeff and Jason and vision.  But the reality is that none of the vision gets accomplished without people.  Not just good people but great people.  Our T.E.A.M., those that are here and those that have moved on to other opportunities, have all played an integral role in every past, present, and future accomplishment of Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc. 

Our T.E.A.M. has consistently maintained that initial vision of automation, strategy, and education from the beginning.  The vision itself was solidly based on the needs of others and the service of those needs. Ultimately, the achievements of Lawhorn CPA Group are a direct result of the success of our clients.