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Lawhorn CPA Group - James Carroll, CPACFO/Partner; A honey with a Worker Bee's ethic

James Carroll, CPA
James Carroll, CPA
6312 Kingston Pike Suite 100
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
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Phone: 844-527-2477 
Phone2: 865-212-4867 

Efficiency is so important to the business world that it has evolved into a notable specialty all its own, complete with guidelines and consultants. Of course, some cannot be taught efficiency, while others, like James Carroll, are born with it. He multi-tasked enough in the 70s to vacation in the 80s. When once asked why he walked the long way to the copier, he replied, “Helps keep the weight under control.”

James graduated an accountant from the University of Kansas in 1967. He has held a Tennessee CPA license since 1992. Before amassing 13 years experience in public accounting with Lawhorn CPA Group, he spent 26 years in corporate controlling positions.

James bases his office from his home in Kingston, where he lives with his silky wife and Terrier. Wait, that should read, “his wife and Silky Terrier.” James appears to patron normal hobbies. He enjoys riding his bike, camping, and ATVs. Further investigation, however, reveals his passion for transforming wood and lawn scraps into a “man cave.” Apparently, converting waste is big fun for him. Woo-hoo. Let’s all have a party at Mr. Efficiency’s place!
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