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Working in a Winter Wonderland

Fancy SnowmanWe're at home, and it's snowing
There's some ice and wind is blowing
They said the office is closed, but its tax season so,
We're working in a winter wonderland.
Got a MacBook and my IPad.
A 2nd screen so it's not bad.
Got a virtual office you know,
And the Internet is a go.
Working in a winter wonderland.
Then at lunchtime we'll go build a snowman,
And we'll pretend he's the IRS.
We'll have lots of fun with Mr. Snowman,
When we roll him down the hill in his dress.
Working at home is a real breeze.
We just need more snow and ice please.
We're working in our BVD's,
With some beers and grilled cheese
Working in a winter wonderland.
          In a winter,

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Jason Lawhorn; CPA,CITP,CVA,MAcc
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