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Navigating Your Portal

Upon logging in to your client portal, you are taken to the main “dashboard,” or the overview of what is accessible on your portal.  Your dashboard can be customized by clicking the “More” pop-up tab at the bottom of the screen.


Document Management

  • Document Presentation - where you will find your tax returns, data you provide to us, and other important information we transmit to your portal as part of our services.  If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please contact us.
  • File Exchange - allows you & our team to securely share electronic files with each other - instead of email, cd's, thumb drives, etc.
  • Tax
  • Web Organizer online tool, giving you a convenient method for entering and sending us your personal tax information
  • Financial Tools, including access to stock quotes.
  • News & Information, including news from the Firm and personalized links to your favorite web sites.