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Portal Troubleshooting & Support

Most often, if you are having difficulties accessing your portal, it is a browser-related issue.  We recommend going through the following troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem:

  • Verify your login information is being entered correctly, and that CAPSLOCK or NUMLOCK are not on.
  • Delete Temporary Internet files.
  • Delete "cookies."
  • Reset the security settings to the browser "default settings," but change the level to Medium (not Medium to High).
  • If using Internet Explorer, perform a Windows update --> Tools Menu, then select Windows Update and follow the instructions given on the Windows website.
  • Exit the browser application, and reopen it.  Try to log in again.
  • Try to log in using a different browser application (i.e., Chrome, FireFox, InternetExplorer)

If you continue to have problems logging onto your portal, please contact us.