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The Compliance A.C.T™

Accountants are notoriously known for being “bean counters” and “number crunchers,” both portraits of demanding, detailed, dull and socially inept creatures who spend long, grueling hours in dingy and badly lit offices chasing pennies around the floor. Well, that may have been true at one time, but with advances in technology today, the slobbering animals once known as accountants have become more civilized (pinkies out everyone)...enter Lawhorn CPA Group. We have gotten our A.C.T. together to offer you services beyond what you expect. These services focus as much as possible on real-time reporting to allow you to make Accurate, Relevant & Timely decisions, which is the A.R.T. of Business.

These variables lay the foundation for The A.R.T. of Accounting™. The Lawhorn CPA Group T.E.A.M. will provide you with “Accurate” information so you are are taking advantage of the tax code, and not the other way around. The information and strategy we will provide will be “Relevant” to your unique tax situation. Finally, we will provide what you need on a “Timely” basis so your advantages and relevancy are iron clad and resolute.

Admittedly, the wheels of government are greased for small business. And, individuals can often use that to their advantage and maximize their tax deductions by setting up small businesses, or changing existing companies from one entity type to another. Lawhorn CPA Group can help you identify unexplored tax options for yourself and/or your business.