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The Compliance A.C.T.™ - Consulting

CPAs in our profession generally get really bent out of shape when we mix the two words “compliance” and “consulting” because they find it ...well...insulting. They believe we are devaluing the service being offered. Nothing could be further from the truth. Compliance and consulting services are extremely valuable and go hand-in-hand to be part of the core attributes that a CPA firm is known for, or not. Lawhorn CPA Group is certainly known for our compliance consulting services, such as tax planning and strategic financial planning, which have been at the center of our client relationships for 30-plus years.

The Strategic Tax Planner™

One of this country’s Founding Fathers said, “Tax evasion will get you thrown in jail but, as Americans, tax avoidance is our duty.” The Internal Revenue Code is based upon capitalism and, while many believe the code is black and white, the truth is that there are many shades of gray and areas for interpretation of the code. That is why it is called a “code” and not “rules.” As CPAs, we work day after day with the IRS and other taxing agencies to further define what that code is and how it applies to small businesses and individuals. It is our responsibility to know and interpret the code, with the additions of other Internal Revenue procedures and tax court cases ensuring the lines are not crossed, and that all the opportunities available to small businesses and individuals are in place to minimize taxes.

In fact, by enlisting the services of Lawhorn CPA Group early on, you are being proactive when it comes to managing your financial security. This allows us to know from the get-go which application of the code, including tax credits, may be most appropriate for your situation. The Lawhorn CPA Group T.E.A.M. is here to guide you and your business, placing the right pieces of your financial puzzle together, thus increasing your opportunity for success.

IRS & State Representation

If you have ever received a non-compliance or audit letter from the IRS, you know how frightening it can be. When you or your business has serious tax complications, the IRS and other tax agencies can make your life feel unpleasant, and that’s putting it mildly. Many taxpayers try to handle tax issues on their own, but end up with an even higher tax bill. Negotiating effectively with these agencies requires specialized knowledge and experience to understand and apply tax laws and regulations to work in your favor.  We deal with these agencies every day and are prepared to help you with your unqiue situation.

Your T.E.A.M. at Lawhorn CPA Group is here to help you resolve your tax problems. We understand that every tax issue is unique, and we will assess your situation to come up with a strategy to effectively represent you and defend your rights as a taxpayer. We offer a variety of solutions to help you overcome your tax issue:

  • Preparation of unfiled tax returns
  • Resolve government liens and levies
  • Set up tax payment plans, such as Offer-in-Compromise or Installment Agreement
  • Tax representation for notice resolution
  • Audit representation
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Payroll Tax notice resolution

Contractor Licensing

We work with you to complete your new Contractor’s License application, or renew your current license.  Your T.E.A.M. at Lawhorn CPA Group will assist you with gathering the required supporting documents that must accompany your application or renewal, and avoid mistakes that can cause delays or rejections.  We can even prepare any necessary reviewed financial statements that must be provided with the application or renewal.