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The Ideal Horizon™

The Ideal Horizon™ - Beyond Traditional Accounting Services Have you ever been “pigeon-holed” and told by someone that you are only capable of having fun because you have blond hair? When, in fact, you know how not to have fun, but it’s just that no one has experienced that around you and the the stereo-type of blond hair and fun has so far been just too hard to overcome? Well, that is just the kind of stereo-typing we run into as CPAs, except it’s the complete opposite perception. Remember the “bean counter” and “number cruncher” visual from The Compliance A.C.T.™? That is what most of the world thinks about accountants: detailed, no fun, and smelly.

NEWS FLASH: Accounting is the language of business, and some accountants have an exceptional understanding of that language. We do A LOT more than count beans. And, guess what? Number crunching is BORING. That’s right...we said it! But, accountants actually have the skill sets (“sets” is more than one) to guide you through some of the most complex conundrums on a business and personal level than you ever imagined. And this isn’t just a project, it is a movement!

Lawhorn CPA Group is excited to offer The Ideal Horizon™ line of services, which goes well beyond traditional “accounting nerd” services. This is a whole different level of “accounting nerd” like you have never seen before. The Ideal Horizon™ has been built just for you, to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Step, by step, by step. It is about how to “focus on accountability to maximize your growth” for both your personal and business goals because, whether you realize it or not, the personal and business goals need to be worked on together to experience exponentially the growth you envision.

The Ideal Horizon is strategically comprised of five critical improvements necessary to coordinate successful growth in your business through focused accountability.