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Business Organizational & Scrivener Services™ (The B.O.S.S.)

Corporate Minutes folder 2Starting a business is always a high-stakes venture. Lawhorn CPA Group’s on-site paralegal makes it easy for you to form any type of business entity, including corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and other business structure types. We understand what it takes to legally register and incorporate your business. Our paralegal will work with you as a scrivener to check the availability and reserve/register your chosen business name, as well as assist you in preparing and filing appropriate Federal, state, and local applications, registrations, and licenses. We will help you maintain your standing as an active business by preparing and filing your annual report with the appropriate secretary of state. As a scrivener, our paralegal will draft organizational documents, agreements, and bylaws; draft minutes of stockholders or board of director meetings; and assemble your corporate records book. As changes occur in the life cycle of your business, our paralegal will also assist you in drafting the necessary amendments to articles, bylaws, and agreements. We also provide, through legal counsel, national and state trademark application services, as well as on-site notary services.

NOTE: Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc.’s paralegal services do not replace the advice of an attorney. If legal or other similar expert assistance is required, we can provide you with a referral to a professional that will meet your needs.