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Human Resources Services

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As a business owner, you are pulled in all different directions and, if you have even just one employee, managing human resources administrative functions is something that cannot be sidelined. We work with you to provide you customized, cost-effective human resources infrastructure solutions to support your employer-employee relationship and to get the absolute best out of your team. Our customized solutions include:

  • Job Description preparation and review - Employers need an accurate job description to clearly state expectations. If a dispute arises later over duties, the job description will be used to settle the matter. As duties change, the job description must be updated and we will help you develop and update job descriptions for each position in your company, to ensure they are complete and compliant with all Federal and state regulations and they define the employee’s role and your expectations of performance.
  • Applicant pre-qualifying, interviewing, and notification - We can help you hire the right person, while saving you the time and effort of having to do the recruiting yourself. We can review resumes and pre-qualify candidates, conduct screening interviews to be sure the candidates fit your hiring criteria and business needs, and ultimately follow up with an offer of employment, as well as send out rejection letters.
  • Employee file documentation - It is imperative that employers know what can and cannot be held in a personnel file. Many states are aggressive protectors of employee privacy, and random or unauthorized access to personnel files can bring on severe penalties. We will assist you with setting up and maintaining employee files that meet Federal and state guidelines, and that you store personnel files in a secure location (under lock and key is best practice) and that they are not left unattended, even during the business day. We can help you come up with a tailored checklist for organizing your employee files, so you know and can document exactly what must be in each file during an employee’s tenure.
  • Employee Handbook preparation and review - Establishing an employee handbook is a huge undertaking but one that will protect you. Having established policies documented in a handbook which is provided to all of your employees will eliminate confusion as to what you expect from them. We can provide complete handbook preparation or a review of your existing handbook, to ensure your company’s and employees’ obligations and rights are well documented, that policies are federally and state compliant, and that the handbook is consistent with your company’s growth plans and reflect the company’s philosophies and objectives.
  • Staff Performance Assessment (SPA) - We can assist you in developing metrics that are in line with job descriptions to measure the job performance of your staff.
  • Team Building - We can help you assess and build your team using various tools that give you insight into your staff, and getting the right people in the right seats on your bus.