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The Virtual Financial Office™ - Small Business Accounting Solutions

The Virtual Financial Office™ - Complete Back Office Accounting Solution for Small Business The Virtual Financial OfficeTM offered by Lawhorn CPA Group is a complete solution for your small business accounting needs. We partner with you to provide the grassroots financial essentials. The Virtual Financial Office™ provides the foundation for every financial reporting insight or compliance needed in your business.

The internal reporting for your business or the reporting to third parties will only be as good as the data that is captured at this level, and your T.E.A.M. at Lawhorn CPA Group are experts in this area.  Our accountants will focus on recording your daily financial transactions so you can focus on your small business. We provide you with the foundation for making accurate, relevant and timely decisions.

Discover the advantages of having Lawhorn CPA Group as your Virtual Financial OfficeTM.

Our Virtual Financial Office for Small Businesses Includes:

The Virtual Bill Pay OfficeTM – Accounts Payable

Ensure that your business makes timely payments to its vendors using Lawhorn CPA Group’s Virtual Bill Pay SystemTM. Focus on running your small business, and let us worry about your bills.

The Virtual Billing OfficeTM – Accounts Receivable

Let Lawhorn CPA Group manage your small business’s accounts receivables with our Virtual Billing OfficeTM. Get paid faster by allowing our T.E.A.M. of professional accountants to handle your billing.

The Virtual Guidance OfficeTM – Cash and Asset Management

Lawhorn CPA Group’s Virtual Guidance OfficeTM provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your cash, assets and how to best allocate them.

The Virtual Reconciliation OfficeTM – Bank Reconciliation

Our T.E.A.M. of professionals will reconcile your small business’s cash accounts to safeguard against things like theft, bank errors and the misappropriation of assets. Our Virtual Reconciliation OfficeTM has your business covered.

The Virtual Payroll OfficeTM – Payroll Services

Ensure that your payroll is recorded accurately with Lawhorn CPA Group’s Virtual Payroll OfficeTM. Our core of professional accountants will help your business navigate the payroll waters safely and securely.

The Virtual Tech OfficeTM – Accounting Software Solutions

Lawhorn CPA Group will get you in “The Cloud” and help you build a 21st century business. We provide several accounting software solutions, all accessible 24/7 through our client portal.