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The Virtual Payroll Office™ - Payroll Services

Payroll Services from Certified Tax AccountantsCertainty that payroll has been recorded and reported correctly according to Federal, state and local laws is imperative. Discrepancies with payroll, payroll reporting, and payroll’s compliance with the law are some of the most difficult and dangerous facets of small business accounting. As your Virtual Financial Office™, your T.E.A.M at Lawhorn CPA Group, along with our payroll outsource partners, makes sure that you are set up for success in navigating the payroll waters for your small business. The Virtual Payroll Office™ allows you to select the level of payroll service your business needs and have the confidence that you are compliant in payroll processing and reporting. We would hate to see you locked up over a payroll issue with the IRS. Trust us, leave payroll to professionals like us and continue to enjoy your freedom.