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The Virtual Tech Office™ - SaaS Accounting Software for Business

The Virtual Tech Office™ - On Demand SaaS Accounting SoftwareAs kids, we were always told to “Get your head out of the cloud!”  Well, times have changed and now you need to get your head and your business in the cloud as quickly as you can.  Do you even know if you are in "The Cloud" yet?  Whether you realize it or not, the answer for most of us is "Yes!"  Online banking, social media sites, even using credit cards are all examples of operating in “The Cloud.”  

As your Virtual Tech Office™, your T.E.A.M. at Lawhorn CPA Group will help you to expand your reach and understanding of the cloud.   Lawhorn CPA Group is your team of experts to help you build a 21st century office. The Virtual Tech Office™ provides you access to several on demand Software as a Service (SaaS*) accounting programs.  Available 24/7 through your client portal, The Virtual Tech Office™ helps you avoid the hassle and cost of maintaining these programs on your own server.

The Virtual Tech Office™ provides several software program options, including:

  • Client Bookkeeping Solutions (CBS)
  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Accounting CS
  • Right Networks
  • Microsoft Office
    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • MS PowerPoint
    • Outlook, etc.
  • FileCabinet CS - allowing you to move into a "less-paper" environment
*Nominal fees may be associated with these programs.