The Background of Our Firm

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Lawhorn CPA Group, LLC’s history covers nearly 40 years of experience, dedication, innovation, and adaptation. Since our inception in 1979, we have obsessed over ways to both revolutionize the industry and better serve our clients.

1979 – Jeff Lawhorn, CPA founded his firm in an aging house on Sutherland Avenue in Knoxville, at the age of 26. Jeff also laid the foundation for Lawhorn’s embrace of technology when he purchased one of Knoxville’s first computers with the intent of automating everyday accounting, while expanding higher-level financial analysis for small businesses.


1992 – Jeff’s son, Jason Lawhorn, approached him with the idea that he, too, would like to become a CPA. In keeping with tradition, Jason has strived to further the technological capabilities of the firm. He has since built upon Jeff’s original vision by consistently moving to integrate new technologies and update the processes behind them as Lawhorn has grown.


2002 – After attending a seminar by Ronald Baker on value-based pricing and efficiencies gained by consistently integrating new technologies, Jeff and Jason decided to challenge the concept of the billable hour. By 2003, the firm debuted the first “fixed price agreement” to its clientele with great success. The Client Service Guide & Engagement Agreement™ later evolved from the learning curve associated with value-based pricing, and Lawhorn now stands over 10 years later as an industry leader and expert in the subject.


2009 – While attending the AICPA Tech+ Conference, Jason made the acquaintance of Jim Green, CPA, who operated a firm in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A work sharing arrangement via a mutual virtual office led to the merging of Lawhorn and Green under the Lawhorn CPA Group, LLC. brand, furthering the vision of a national firm for small business with focuses on automation, strategy, and education.


2011 – In order to both continue the ambitious vision that began in 1979 and still take a step back from the day-to-day operations, Jeff turned over the role of President and CEO to his son, Jason.


2016 – Lawhorn CPA Group, LLC acquires an accounting firm in Jefferson City, Tennessee.


2017 – Baird and Company, LLC, an accounting firm in Augusta, Georgia, is brought into the Lawhorn CPA Group family and begins to operate under the name Lawhorn-Baird CPA Group, LLC.